Anna Porcu Cameos

Wearing poetry. Antique museum quality cameos are given a new life. Italian artist Anna Porcu translates a golden past into contemporary one-of-a-kind jewelry, each with a unique story.

Made in Italy traditions meet an unconventional appeal through the juxtaposition of a cameo’s delicate essence, contemporary design and exclusive materials.

Each creation is a unique piece, a precious crossroad of past and present, masculine and feminine, grace and strength. Discover a striking gallery of entirely handmade jewels with a gritty spirit and ancient secrets to tell.

Find your own story.


Sculpted grace, iconic grit: poetry on your wrist.


Sophisticated elegance, contemporary glamour.


Timeless beauty, framed in essential lines.


Engraved distinctiveness: overturning time order.


Symbols of timeless glamour and vibrant flair.


A testament to craftsmanship, in bold forms.


Uncommon artistry, unmistakable uniqueness.

For Him

A contemporary statement of class.

Meet Anna

Italian jewelry artist Anna Porcu grew up among the suggestive Tuscan hills, surrounded by the region’s historic and cultural legacy, all well as art and antiques which her antiquarian parents collected.

This artistic synthesis enlighted Anna’s creative spirit. Her expertise in history and her passion for ancient traditions, including cameo carving, align with a visionary concept of beauty, an eclectic personality, and a wanderer’s heart.

Enchanting Pienza is her artistic headquarter. Anna works on marvelous creations in her world's first storefront, right inside her parents’ suggestive antiques shop. She travels far and wide, discovering special cameos, and being invited to participate in international events and Trunk Shows.


Made in Italy, made by hand

Anna Porcu travels the world in search of marvelous antique cameos in shell, amber, agate and lava. A real journey through time and space, with Italy as its destination. The Tuscan countryside is the setting where the ancient craft of carving gains a modern voice, though contemporary jewelry.

In her lab, Anna works at cameo reinterpretation, handsetting their enchanting timelessness and leather strength side by side, following a creative flow that blends together new visions and the aereternal values of Italian handicraft.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is an unrepeatable tribute to an exceptional savoir-faire, a sublime encapsulation of the artisanal heritage: Anna’s équipe of master craftsmen expertly transform every cameo into a modern work of art. Anna still works with the masters who saw her growing up, the same ones who worked with her parents.

Their hands infuse in ancient stones all the stories they have witnessed. Each phase of the process requires more than technical skill: it’s all about finding an ethereal balance between passion and expertise, creativity and rigour, devotion to traditions and the courage to reinvent them.



An exclusive souvenir from “Art Springs Eternal”

My virtual Trunk Show “Art Springs Eternal” was a great experience and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your interest in my new collection. It means so much- I put a lot of passion and dedication into these new projects!

The pieces exhibited during the show are exclusive, and aren’t yet available on my new e-commerce site.

To give you a little preview, I prepared a downloadable PDF presentation summarizing the “Art Springs Eternal” creations, and their poetic and artistic inspirations.


Trunk Show: Art Springs Eternal

Experience wonders. I find inspiration in poetry, literature, art, historical myths and facts. I try to transform these treasures into unique cameos and jewels. These magical narrators tell fascinating tales, coexisting in the past and present. Homage wonders.