Trunk Show: Art Springs Eternal

Experience wonders. I find inspiration in poetry, literature, art, historical myths and facts. I try to transform these treasures into unique cameos and jewels. These magical narrators tell fascinating tales, coexisting in the past and present.

Homage wonders. On June 13th and 16th, I’m hosting a Virtual Trunk Show. I called it “Art Springs Eternal”, which draws inspiration from Alexander Pope’s words “Hope springs eternal”. Humanity’s good seed always flourishes back, overcoming difficult times. 

This Spring is a symbol of rebirth and renewal for all. We’ve worked hard these months: you’re visiting our new e-commerce store and about to surf through our new collections. Chromatic symphonies, a balance of geometries evoking their messengers: cameos. I’ve hidden all the pieces that I’ll reveal during our virtual meeting. They’re so special and representative: a real exclusive for the Trunk Show participants. They’ll be available only after our appointment!

Craft and art captivatingly combined in a timeless view. If you’re passing through here, please let this message be an invitation to join me on June 13th and 16th, at 2:30 PM EST (20:30 CEST). Click on the following links to participate. 

Click here to access the June 13th show on Zoom 

Click here to access the June 16th show on Zoom

Tales of Floraissance, unique cameos

I’ll share something more with you: my Trunk Show hides a map. Flowers, paintings, precious materials and ancient stories will be our guides. The collections deliver new colors, textures, and craft. 

It’ll be more than a party! Join me on June 13th and 16th, at 2:30 PM EST (20:30 CEST), click on the links above to participate. Schedule a call with me afterwards, I’d love to chat!

With love,