Welcome to my virtual boutique

I’m happy to see you here, and to share such a special moment with you. When my journey as an artist began, I never thought I’d land in digital dimensions. But here I am! Seeing my creations travel all around the world is an indescribable feeling! Going through the centuries, the cameo has affirmed itself as an undisputed icon of contemporary jewelry. What routes did it cross before meeting the virtual one?

Its name comes from the ancient Arabian “gama’il”, which means “bud in bloom”. Cameos first appeared during the Hellenistic period, in the third century BC, when it embellished Egyptian and Minor Asia court pottery, fabrics and clothing.

It is during the Roman Empire when the art of cameos becomes more sophisticated and elaborated. Mythological characters were in vogue, and finely sculpted stones were used by emperors to glorify their own image, incorporating them into fine utensils and jewels. 

After the Middle Ages during the Renaissance period, cameos were popular again. Exquisitely carved jewels adorned the fine clothing of European monarchs. Queen Elizabeth I used to regularly gift cameos to her most beloved relatives and friends. 

The XVIII century Neoclassicism coincides with maximum affirmation for cameos. They were so renowned that upper class ladies and artists from all over the world gathered in Rome and Florence to discover their manufacturing techniques. 

The XIX century brings back many ancient and prior forms of art and dress. Cameos being no exception become very popular among European ladies, thanks to the popularity of Neoclassicism and the Roman arts. It is not an all-female trend though. Upper-class young European men travel through the continent as an educational rite of passage. Made in Italy Camoes were purchased by travelers as souvenirs of sorts, and taken abroad.

Today cameos assert their indisputable charm with renewed strength, combining valuable craftsmanship and precious materials with the timeless charm of art. These icons of eternal grace continue their path through the centuries, colonizing on the shores of the virtual continents

I am so glad to be part of their crew. So, welcome aboard! I hope you’ll enjoy this new, exciting adventure.

With love,