Which Cameo Are You?

Echoes of a bold past. I express my love of poetry, beauty and design through art, giving new life to antique pieces that tell ancient stories. To me, every cameo is the metamorphosis of past into present, the conversion of history into timeless elegance. 

Every jewel symbolizes a virtue, a character in perfect harmony with its wearer’s story. A cameo traveling through decades, living many lives, to finally reach its legitimate owner.

Extraordinary myths and tales

Greco-Roman mythology shaped the images of legendary gods and heroes. Philosophes and poets like Socrates, Homer, Aristotle have made them eternal. The prestige of classical mythology reverberates in every age. First of all, the Renaissance, when Greco-Roman statues became vital nymphs for artistic expression, and classical mythology became a contemporary means of creative flair. Ancient myths forged modern thinking in fascinating ways: their morals and their teachings are still very relevant today. A process that transforms true icons of personality into an eternal dialogue with art.

I present to you some of the fascinating characters who inhabit my creations. Which one mirrors your personality? 

Hector  – Brave warrior, with a tender/delicate spirit

Your essence is as combative as it is sweet/altruistic. You have a rational approach in every situation: this allows you to never forget to take care of your beloved. Life’s challenges don’t distract you from your main focus: enjoying the warmth of your family. 

Discover Hector’s noble love speaking through audacious shapes by clicking here.

Bacchus – God of vine and of conviviality

You often get noticed for your happiness and vitality. As a lover of conviviality you believe in the importance of sharing moments with your loved ones. The others think of you as a faithful friend, someone they can count on. 

Discover Bacchus’ translation into memorable distinctiveness by clicking here.

Athena – Goddess of wisdom and of warrior souls

Upstream essence, brave grit. You are a real warrior, pursuing every goal with determination and courage. Your passionate soul is balanced by your incredible ability to analytically evaluate every situation. 

Discover Athena’s metamorphosis into timeless art by clicking here.

Hera – Olympus Queen, everlasting love defender

Your motto is “Love knows no reason”. You’re a loyal partner, with the firm conviction there’s no barrier love isn’t able to knock down. Your soulmate considers you as his/her anchor and point of reference.

Discover Hera’s beauty, enclosed in a contemporary piece by clicking here

We should think of myths as a constantly moving turnstile. To retell is to metamorphose. Meaning is never fixed, but ever fluid.

Discover which cameo has always belonged to you.


Stand out: wear poetry. 

With love,